About Julie

Julie has been a registered nurse since 1980. Her favorite types of nursing have been orthopedic, neurological, rehabilitation, psychiatric, and case management.

She is married with 3 children, and 2 grandchildren so far. She first learned about the Wellness Inventory from a nurse mentor in 2011, and was excited to find it to be a great way to look at health and wellness in a new way.

At that point she had the head knowledge about the Wellness Inventory, but she had not incorporated the principles fully into her own life due to the usual reasons we all have for not pursuing wellness……..job responsibilities, long work hours, rushed lifestyle, and personal and family stressors. Sound familiar?

Over the next few years as she encountered many personal health challenges (melanoma and auto-immune problems to name a few) and found traditional medicine not meeting all of her needs, she returned to the Wellness Inventory and began to deeply consider and plan how to incorporate her learning about the 12 dimensions of wellness into her daily lifestyle.

She saw her health improve and experienced for herself that improving your health really does not just happen. It involves loving yourself enough to start planning out your wellness journey.

She completed her certification training to become a Wellness Inventory Coach, and is excited about sharing with you how to use the Wellness Inventory to plan your wellness!