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Blinkers…………yes, it is a weird title, I know.

The left turn blinker on my vehicle got messed up when the car service folks were working on the brake lights a few weeks ago.  My husband noticed it, and we talked  a few times about him fixing it.

In the meantime, I was getting a bit antsy about the risk of getting a traffic ticket.  My 17 year old reminded me last week that I could use hand signals (yes, I know that sounds too surreal to be true, but it happened…..and yes, I had forgotten about hand signals).

So I started using hand signals for turning left.

As is common in Colorado, we have had intermittent snows which will continue through Memorial Day.  Each time it snowed and I drove,  I sighed and put my left arm out in the snow to signal my left turns.  The Sunday after our last severe snowstorm, my husband drove us to church and I reminded him to signal his left turn with his hand to avoid a ticket.

“What do you mean?” he asked.  “I already fixed it.”

“What?  Really?  When did you do that? I did not know that.  I have been putting my left arm out in these snows for the last week, whenever I turn.  Well, thank you!” I said.  We both chuckled about it a bit, although I was actually thinking  and stewing inwardly about how uncomfortable that it had been to stick my left arm out the window in snowy weather. Oh well, I had obviously missed hearing him say that he had fixed it.

I was thinking this morning about that, as I almost put my left arm out the window again during a left turn in 40 degree weather.   Then I turned on the left blinker, and smiled.

Wow.  So many object lessons here to be learned.  I love object lessons.

The object lesson that applies the most to this web site is this:

Are you doing something unnecessary to promote your wellness, when there is already something out there that can help you with your overall well-being?  Are you expending unnecessary energy to do things that actually are not proven to improve your well-being, such as fad diets?  Are you spending lots of money for a personal trainer?  Are you forgetting your wellness goals, or are you even making any?  Do you understand the importance of small steps in your goals, and the process of making changes in your life?

If you read my story elsewhere on this website, you will find that I actually learned about the Wellness Inventory and got all of the training done to become certified as a Wellness Inventory Coach…………and I really believed in its effectiveness, but I let life/illness/etc. get in the way for a long time before I ever finished my portfolio and got my certification done.  I expended energy and money in an inconsistent manner to work inconsistently on my health, especially during unpredictable flareups  (see the trend of the word “inconsistent” ?), when all I needed to do was to rely on what had already been provided for me in the online Wellness Inventory tool.

And what was provided for me in the nationally recognized Wellness Inventory tool  is the same thing that can be provided for you.  I use this Wellness Inventory tool as my primary tool when doing wellness coaching because I believe in it, but I let whomever I am coaching know that they don’t have to buy it.  That being said, why re-invent the wheel for yourself  or spin your wheels or buy unnecessary wheels or change your wheel in the snow,  if you want to improve your overall well-being?

Please Google the Wellness Inventory and Wellness Wheel of the 12 dimensions of health, and just see for yourself what a user friendly, interactive, and effective online tool it is.   Read about Dr. John Travis who invented it.   I can send you information on how many different organizations have used it, with successful outcomes.  I can get a personal account authorized for you to use as often as you want for one year for $40.  It has volumes of information on the 12 dimensions of wellness, and it offers you the opportunity to do 2 self-exploratory assessments in 12 months to see how well balanced the 12 dimensions of wellness are for you.  The results will be on your personal site for you to review in words,  as well as in a colorful Wellness Wheel portrayal of your 12 dimensions.  A perfectly balanced Wellness Wheel looks like the picture below…..but no one has a perfectly balanced Wellness Wheel.  There are no wrong answers and no shame/blame games involved with the Wellness Inventory.



Based on the assessment mentioned above, you can make your action plan and goals based on the assessment, and get e-mail reminders of your goals.  You can use it all by yourself as your only tool,  or you can contact me  (via this website or via e-mailing me at for information on rates for using additional tools of individual/group wellness coaching, or for Wellness Workshops to support/supplement/enrich what you are learning through the online tool.  If you want another level of support, you can sign up for free interactive wellness webinars throughout the 12 months of your subscription.

If you decide that you want wellness coaching also, I can adapt wellness coaching on the 12 dimensions of wellness to any person or group.  I have a special heart for helping students, healthcare professionals, caregivers, stay at home mom angels, teachers, faith facility members and staff, military spouses,  and persons transitioning from foster care to independent life.  I love working with anyone, so please ask me for information whether you fit into this category or not.

Just wanted to pass this information on, in case you are tired of sticking your arm out in the snow and you want your own blinker.

Plan your wellness………….because your well-being deserves your attention.

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