Uncomfortable Questions

Uncomfortable questions…………that topic came up for me this morning for some reason.

Probably because I watched an episode of Criminal Minds on TV last night, and was amazed at how the persistent questions of one investigator to a suddenly sick colleague led to discomfort for the sick colleague, but totally changed the direction of the sick one’s care (and of course, helped solve a serial killer case…hey, it WAS a television show).

The sick colleague accepted the diagnosis of heart attack from his healthcare providers after he had a sudden collapse, despite the fact that he had run a marathon a few months before then, and had no history of health problems.  When his investigator friend persisted with questions and helped the sick person to remember that he did feel a prick in his back before he collapsed……. and made him uncomfortably turn over, the cause of the collapse was found:  an injection site in the back, which was found to be poison.

How often do we accept information from health care providers without asking the uncomfortable questions?

  • How often have you seen someone with this diagnosis?
  • What kinds of bad side effects can happen from this treatment?
  • What are other treatment options that are possible for me to try?
  • Can we repeat that test, to see if it was correct?
  • Are you okay with me getting a second opinion?

I am not always good with asking the uncomfortable questions, either.

But for your health, please start asking questions.  And if you don’t know what to ask or how to ask them, please check with a friend or family member.

And if your  healthcare provider does not like you asking the uncomfortable questions……..then find a new healthcare provider.

Your wellbeing is worth your attention, even if you have to ask the questions that might make the provider squirm.

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