mountains-lakeToday is the birthing day day of my website!  It is the compilation of 37 years of nursing, many years of case management, lots of personal ups and downs along the way, and the completion of my certification to become a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach.

I am so excited!  Thank you to my husband, 3 children, and my special professional mentor Gail Haun, who told me that I could do this.

I have envisioned for years now, how to empower others to look at their lives and health in a fresh way.  The Wellness Inventory is a great nationally recognized tool that I became certified to use as a Wellness Inventory Coach, to help you look at your life and health in 12 dimensions.  It will help you to develop insight into the reasons for your behavior, as well as help you to measure your motivation towards your own health goals that YOU develop.  It is a reflection of my own struggles and achievements in trying to become healthier the last few years.

My goal is to be authentic in my description of my own health journey, in hopes that you will be inspired to be authentic in your own health journey.

Please enjoy looking at my website.  It will continue to grow and blossom.

Happy Birthing Day,!



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